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You know your business, and we admit it: we need education before we can deliver an effective marketing plan.

While some marketing consulting firms feel their way is the only way, we think the most effective marketing programs are born out of the collaborative process. So we listen more than we speak.

Only then do we get to work using an effective mix of traditional and cutting edge marketing tools to achieve your marketing goals:

We specialize in developing print, broadcast, outdoor, and online ad campaigns that put you in front of your audience and generate measurable return.

 Electronic Media
We create web sites and electronic media that do one thing: generate response. We can develop simple brochureware web sites to cross-platform mobile applications to complex e-commerce sites. We can then implement an aggressive SEO program or assemble a paid online advertising program that has brides flocking to your web site. Either way, we walk you through the technology maze with new customers waiting on the other end.

From catalogs to business cards, we consult with you before we ever make a key stroke to determine the target audience, the message, and the distribution of your print piece. Copywriting, photography, and illustration are all part of the mix we use to generate new business for your business.

It's true: a picture is worth a thousand words. Whether you need complete of an event, commercial images of your product, or stock photography, our professional photography division can get the shot that speaks volumes.

 Other Cool Stuff
We're not stuck in any traditional marketing model. Guerilla marketing, event planning, and viral internet marketing are part of our arsenal of powerful tools.

"Just a note to say two things: 1) brides are emailing us like crazy, complementing us on our slick and easy-to-use web site. And 2) brides are emailing us like crazy!"
Margo Sears
BeachPeople Weddings

"In 2009, you came to us and took our hand when we were novices in this business. Now through your professional marketing and advertising work for us, we have been able to concentrate on building our catering business to levels we could not have imagined back in 2009. Thank you!"
Shana Olmstead
Floyd's 1921 Restaurant and Catering

"As you recall, I wasn't sure I wanted to jump into the wedding business with both feet. But now I have no choice because of all the business you've sent me through our new web site, Crystal Coast Bride, and the wedding salon. Thank you for al you do for us small business folks."
Maria Harris
Mrs. Vingerber Cakes

"Renee and I loved the ad you created for us. Your professionalism is expressed in every section and has captured the elegance and simplicity of our business."
Donald Melby
Visions Concierge